Book Lovers Unite

I have discovered an imaginative, playful, and fun side to reading with my kids- the Little Bookish Wardrobe! Created to help inspire imagination in your child; each month, they send you a book to read, along with unique play costume pieces that match the theme and characters of the book. AND the creator has agreed to sponsor a GIVEAWAY! See below for details on how to enter.

At my last pediatrician visit, I found myself overwhelmed trying to balance my two boys in a small room with limited options to occupy their little bodies and minds while we [patiently] waited for the doctor. I tried everything I had in my diaper bag and anything I could find in the room to distract them, but still didn’t have enough. I found myself unprepared and full of anxiety by the time the doctor arrived.

When I discovered the Little Bookish Wardrobe, the first thing I thought about was, this would be perfect at my doctor visits, which are frequent having little ones! We received our first box and I was so excited to try it out this week at my boys’ pediatrician visit. LIFE CHANGER! My boys found it hilarious and entertaining to see themselves and their mom dressed up as a pirate while reading them a book with the same character. I even incorporated the otoscope on the wall. We had fun using the little leather map to find things “hidden” in the room, putting the temporary water tattoos on each other, reading the interactive questions related to the book to encourage him to act out particular scenes, and putting the costume pieces on each other after we were done reading, too.


I can’t wait to grow our collection of their books and costume pieces to read at home as well. I loved seeing their excitement with this new twist to reading and am so happy I have a way to help grow their imagination, especially while reading. Did I mention the packaging from the outside in is adorable as well?!?


To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below with your name and make sure you are following both @the.real.moms.of.insta and @littlebookishwardrobe on Instagram; I will draw a winner at random on Monday! Be sure to check back for future giveaways, too!

5 Replies to “Book Lovers Unite”

  1. Brilliant! I’m a single mom of twins who are almost two; I’ll do anything to make pediatrician visits easier! Thanks for sharing your struggles, too. We’re all in it together.

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