Sick Days

You would never know he is so sick today from this picture (unless you see my couch pulled apart and his red eyes). Woke up to a crib full of emesis and just sad, sad crying 😕 But once HE put on his hat, got his dinosaur, and watched trains on YouTube, all was well again. I …

Monkey Monkey

Let the climbing begin! Guess what he was reaching for? The butter! How do you satisfy your litlte climber's climbing needs? I had to find an alternative! Watch for my #dinosaur climbing DIY wall from Atomik Climbing Holds coming soon!  

The Joy of Having Boys

Whether mom strategically or accidentally got the perfect angle for this photo, this depicts two things that are inevitable to come: Peeing EVERYWHERE Bathroom shenanigans Do you have any funny peeing experiences (with your children, not you 😉

Wait, I know you’re in trouble, but stand next to the bad thing you just did so mom can take a picture!

I haven't been privileged to my boys drawing on the walls yet, but found myself thinking, would I paint over this, or is there a way to preserve part of it forever? I loved the different ideas that poured in from my Instagram account, especially since I'm not the creative type. Two of my most favorite …